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8823 Briggs St. Honeoye, NY 14471
(585) 760-4576

Checkin & Checkout

Your event at WoodsEdge will include full use of the venue area from 5 PM on Friday through Sunday at 10 AM. The venue includes the Love Shack, the birch arbor, the tented area, restrooms, and the event acreage.

Property Rules

— Music must end at 9:30 PM

— Quiet hours begin at 9:45 PM

Gates to property close at 10:30 PM

— Uber and Lift are available at our location

Deposit Cancellation Policy

Life is full of surprises, but rest assured, your partnership with WoodsEdge won’t be. While we can’t promise a commitment for life, we can promise you that we will fulfill the duties as outlined on our contract with you until the obligations on the contract do us part. As a committed partner, we vow to uphold our end of the contract, just as we expect you to uphold your end of the contract.

All cancellation and date change requests must be sent in writing. For date change requests, WoodsEdge will try to accommodate your requested date change. If the date is unavailable or can’t be rebooked, your original reservation will be refunded at 75% of your original deposit. Should you cancel your event, for any reason, your deposit with WoodsEdge will be non-negotiable and non-refundable.

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